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Noatak Road to Red Dog Mine

Project Lead:
Northwest Arctic Borough | Dickie Moto, Mayor | (907) 442-2500 | dmoto@nwabor.org


Noatak, Alaska is located 48 miles northwest of Kotzebue, Alaska, on the west bank of the Noatak River. It is not connected to any other village or town by road or highway system, making air travel the primary source of transportation for business, recreation, medical needs and freight. Until 1992, businesses were able to barge goods on the river, however, due to inadequate channel depth, barge services were discontinued to the community, leaving Noatak completely dependent on air transport for fuel, cargo and goods.

At the request and lead of the community, partners have been working to construct an access road from Noatak to the Delong Mountain Transportation System (DMTS). By increasing the resiliency and modal functionality of Noatak’s transportation system, the Noatak to DMTS connector road would promote opportunities for economic development, facilitate outcomes that lead to a lower cost of living, mitigate the high costs of shipping freight and foster the formation of a safe and sustainable community.

Funding Needed: $45,000,000 | Project Status: Shovel Ready – Right of Way Needed