Construction equipment

Infrastructure & Basic Services

NWALT has supported:

Construction of a road to Cape Blossom and a Cape Blossom Regional Port

Northwest Arctic Borough 5-year Public Safety Plan to build and maintain infrastructure while providing public safety officers in the villages

Bulk fuel and power system upgrades to improve electrical generation in communities such as Shungnak

Evaluating the feasibility of electrical interties between villages to improve the stability of electricity to villages, increase access to renewable energy sources  and reduce the cost of electrical generation

Evaluating potential roads between villages that are interested

Collaboration with Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority to develop propane infrastructure

Development of NANA Regional Corporation Community Multipurpose Office Buildings


NWALT has successfully worked with the City of Buckland and other local and state agencies to bring Buckland to the brink of having a competed citywide water and sewer system.

Our Focus Areas

As we work toward building a better tomorrow for our people and region, we seek the participation and support of state and federal officials and agencies. We are confident that together, with state and federal partners, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our people.