Kiana Junior High School

Education & Workforce Development

Educating our young people is an investment in our region’s future.  Improving and increasing access to educational opportunities prepares our youth for employment and leadership opportunities tomorrow.  It also reduces our reliance on out-of-region professional services.

NWALT has supported:

Final funding for the Northwest Arctic Borough School District’s Star of the Northwest magnet school residential dorm construction

Continuing to provide GED courses region-wide


NWALT members supported the Northwest Arctic Borough School District’s efforts to secure funding for the construction of the Star of the Northwest Magnet School.  Construction on the school began in the spring of 2012 and will be complete in the summer of 2013.

  • Fixing the Gap: Establishment of advanced appropriations for the Indian Health Service – Stabilization of funding for Indian Health Service (IHS) programs, thus maintaining consistent, quality patient care;
  • Construction of a Kotzebue outpatient care clinic to improve care to local Kotzebue residents and to all residents in the Maniilaq Service area;
  • Development and construction of a regional behavioral health facility to be managed by Maniilaq Association;
  • Increase IHS funding for Long Term Care


NWALT members supported Maniilaq Association in working to secure funding to complete the Utuqanaat Inaat Maniilaq Elder Care Center, a 15,000 sq.ft , 18 bed, skilled nursing facility.

Our Focus Areas

As we work toward building a better tomorrow for our people and region, we seek the participation and support of state and federal officials and agencies. We are confident that together, with state and federal partners, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our people.