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Focus Areas

As we work toward building a better tomorrow for our people and region, we seek the participation and support of state and federal officials and agencies. We are confident that together, with state and federal partners, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our people.

Though NWALT’s five critical focus areas are discrete, the issues and goals associated with them overlap and therefore must be addressed in a holistic manner. These key areas guide and connect the NWALT member organizations.

Iñupiaq Language & Culture

Iñupiaq language and culture is a cornerstone of our regional strength and cooperation.

Education & Workforce Development

Educating our young people is an investment in our region’s future.

Economic Development

Northwest Alaska’s economy has a lot of room to grow. A lower cost of living will help that happen.

Infrastructure & Basic Services

Our area does not have essential infrastructure and basic services many other communities take for granted.