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Continuing Red Dog Mine Operations

Project lead
NANA Regional Corporation

Operations at Red Dog Mine were founded on the guiding principles of consensus, cooperation and mutual respect, as evidenced by the innovative operating agreement between NANA (the landowner), and Teck Alaska (the mine’s operator).
Since 1989, the development of natural resources at Red Dog has played a significant role in the success of NANA, the region and the State of Alaska. The mine has created quality jobs for thousands of NANA shareholders and Alaskans, supported the region and local communities and helped fund a wide variety of services through the Northwest Arctic Borough (NAB).

Mine operations have paid ~$304 million to NAB as payment-in-lieu of taxes (PILT) and PILT comprises the majority of NAB revenue. But all regions have benefited from Red Dog. Since mining began, NANA has shared ~$1.8 billion with other Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) through the 7(i) and 7(j) sharing provisions of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). Additionally, operations at Red Dog have contributed ~$1. 5 billion to the State of Alaska and Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA).

Currently, the Aqqaluk Deposit will be depleted of its ore by 2031, less than eight years away. NANA along with our partners at Teck, are exploring different opportunities to extend the life of the mine so NANA shareholders, Northwest Alaska and the state will continue to benefit from mining operations on NANA lands.

80% of NANA shareholders, many of whom are regional residents of Northwest Alaska, overwhelmingly support continued operations at the mine. NWALT views the continuation of operations at the mine as one of its primary issues given the importance of mine proceed to the economic health of the region. By extending Red Dog’s mine life, we will preserve local jobs, protect the regional economy, and create new opportunities for future regional residents. Additionally, NWALT supports the contemporaneous push to educate and prepare communities for the currently scheduled closure of Red Dog in 2031.

NWALT seeks the support of local and statewide representatives in helping the region continue Red Dog Mine operations for generations to come.