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Maniilaq Behavioral Health Crises Center

Project Lead:
Maniilaq Association | Tim Gilbert, President and CEO | (907) 442-3311 |

Funding Needed: $2,000,000

NWALT aims to ensure residents of the Northwest Arctic have access to services necessary to live a safe and healthy life. Our region currently lacks a facility to stabilize people experiencing a mental health crisis or extreme intoxication. Maniilaq seeks $1.5 million to purchase modular units to build a 24/7 crisis stabilization and sobering center on an existing Maniilaq-owned lot, along with $500,000 to pay staffing costs for the first year of operations. At this facility, Maniilaq Behavioral Health will provide immediate sobering capabilities to intoxicated individuals, stabilize individuals in mental and behavioral health crisis, and provide transitional residential care to individuals that need anything from a couple hours of care to several days of stabilization. This program can be financially sustainable through behavioral health service lines and has garnered high interest from the state, the Alaska Mental Health Trust, and our community partners. While psychiatric hospitalization outside our region is necessary in some cases, many of recipients of crisis stabilization and sobering services could be stabilized here, in region, with the introduction of short-term crisis stabilization or hospital diversion. This crisis center would be designed to reduce the strain of caring for psychiatric patients in hospital, both through reduced costs incurred to care for these patients and the costs associated with medical provider time.