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Alaska Technical Center Family Housing

Project Lead:
Northwest Arctic Borough School District | Terri Walker, Superintendent | (907) 442-1800 | twalker@nwarctic.org

Funding is needed to construct family housing for adult students with families, so that they can participate in Alaska Technical Center (ATC) training programs which are available to all Alaska residents. ATC offers a variety of programs that provide much needed job training for our future workforce. The training opportunities are aligned with community demand and have been created by working with our local and regional business partners.

Many of the adults who would benefit from these programs live outside of Kotzebue and have families that they cannot leave for extended periods of time. The current ATC dorm can only accommodate single adults. The six-plex would supply two- and three-bedroom units that will allow more adults with families to participate in the programs and learn job skills that will offer better opportunities to provide for their families. The units will be furnished so people can easily come to Kotzebue for training. There is the potential for both partners to receive training at the same time, while their children attend school in Kotzebue.

Funding Needed: $11,177,000 | Funding Secured: $80,000 | Project Status: Shovel Ready