Learn more about NWALT's history

NWALT is part of a long history of cooperation in Northwest Alaska. Cooperation is one of our Iñupiat values, and the region's organizations have been living this value for decades.


In the 1980s, regional strategy meetings were held by area organizations to help coordinate efforts and programs. NWALT has further formalized this practice.


NWALT meets quarterly to examine region-wide issues. The partnership minimizes duplication, maximizes resources and allows members to recommend actions to their respective boards.


In 2005, between April and October, NWALT held community meetings in every community in the Northwest Arctic Borough. A State of the Organization address was given, and NWLT listened to concerns and issues. Common themes expressed by most communities are documented in the 2006 Quad Meeting Booklet, and included: Suicide prevention; Elder service enhancement; Grant writing assistance; Clinic and school construction; Public safety; Erosion concerns; Iñupiaq language support; Training, jobs and college support.

Community input received at that time, and since, helps to guide NWALT’s actions and priorities.


Other significant NWALT events


December 2013 :: NWALT Summit in Anchorage

September 2013 :: NWALT organizations begin hosting listening sessions in the villages to identify high priority issues that will be discussed at the Regional Strategy Conference.

July 2013 :: The Northwest Arctic Borough and NANA travel to Washington DC where they discussed energy priorities, Arctic policy and coast erosion issues with the Alaska Congressional delegation and federal agencies.

December 2012 :: NWALT Summit in Anchorage

July 2012 :: Alaska state legislators visit Northwest Alaska

December 2011 :: NWALT Summit in Anchorage

December 2010 :: NWALT hosted first annual NWALT Summit in Anchorage, bringing together the governor, legislators, commissioners, federal agencies, the Congressional delegation and others to discuss NWALT's priorities for the region.

April 2009 :: Coordinated NWALT visit to Washington, D.C., where members discussed regional realities, plans and needs in more than forty meetings with elected officials and representatives from numerous government agencies.

December 2009 :: Strategy Session with State of Alaska - Governor, Legislators, Commissioners and others, including representatives of Alaska's Congressional delegation.

April 2008 :: Representatives from the Northwest Arctic Borough, communities and NANA Regional Corporation traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with officials from the U.S. Congress and federal governmental agencies.

2008 :: The Northwest Arctic Energy Summit was held in Kotzebue. The event was spurred by NWALT to respond to the regional energy crisis caused by fuel shortages and high fuel prices. This led to creation of the Northwest Arctic Energy Steering Committee and the Northwest Arctic Strategic Energy Plan.

2004 :: NWALT initiates creation of the Iñupiaq Language Council to address the decline in number of fluent Iñupiaq speakers in Northwest Alaska.